Back in Black: The History of Venom


Chapter Two: Secret Wars and Spider-Man

And during said Secret Wars, Spider-Man got his costume real torn up.

He noticed that Thor and Hulk seemed to have new costumes and asked them about it. They pointed him to the back of the room where their were a number of machines. Spider-Man picked the wrong one. He instead picked the Symbiote prison machine and released Venom. Venom happily bonded to Peter and the two went home together.

Eventually, Peter asked Mr. Fantastic about his new clothes and good ol’ Reed Richards responded by telling him “oh hey, you know this thing is alive, right? You shouldn’t be wearing it.” And Peter decided that wearing a living creature was super gross and he ditched it to the Fantastic Four so they could contain it.

A few years later, Venom escaped and tried to repossess Peter. Peter tore the costume off in the bell tower of a church. But waiting in the church below was…