Civil War - Stan Lee Reveals Whose Side He Is On!

The Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee has chosen his side for next year’s highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War! The National Medal of Arts winner was recently asked by a fan whose side he is on in the battle between the two teams of Marvel superheroes at Edmonton Comic Expo. With his signature blend of sincerity and silliness, Lee confirmed that his pick is ‘whatever side Captain America was on’!

The co-creator of the popular Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man and X-Men claimed that Steve Rogers is ‘the best, pure-hearted person’ in the entire world. Well, there’s nothing impractical until that part of his response, but he never leaves anything without a touch of irrationality! Here’s what the 92 year old writer/editor added (via ComicBook):

By the way, he's a great actor, too, the guy who plays Captain America does a beautiful job - Chris Evans. I say that because he likes me, and anyone who likes me is a great actor.

Captain America Captain America

Well, it is indeed no surprise that Marvel’s most devoted and charismatic champ has picked the side of Cap for Civil War since he previously revealed that Chris Evans is his favorite actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Lee also weighed in on his connection with the comic books at the moment and what would happen to Marvel when he has departed. Hit 2 for details!

Reading Comics Is Like Reading Playboy!

Stan Lee Stan Lee

During the Q&A at Edmonton Comic Expo, Stan Lee also talked about his connection with the comic books at the moment. He revealed that due his EYESIGHT he finds it difficult to keep up with the comic books. He stares at the comic book covers in order to assume what is happening. And here’s what he finds:

All I know is, the girls look beautiful on the covers - I sometimes think I'm reading Playboy and I'm not objecting to that one bit!

That was a typical Stan Lee response. He’s in his nineties and it is quite understandable that he finds it difficult to read. But he obviously doesn’t find it difficult to add humor to his statements!

The Marvel Industry After Stan Lee Dies?

Marvel Marvel

The legend was asked what would happen to the Marvel Industry following his death. Stan Lee started off his response saying that he wasn’t ‘gonna give a hoot’ after he expired! Then he came up with a more serious response. He said (via ComicBook):

Nothing will happen. All I do is go to panels like this, and conventions. I’m not doing the books anymore. They have a bunch of geniuses who are doing great books, and great movies.

But Stan Lee can’t be that serious for long! He claimed that we might miss his CAMEOS! Here’s the audio of his Q&A session at the Panel!

Are you on the same side as Stan Lee is in the Civil War? Share your thoughts and views via comments!