Will We See a Captain Marvel Trailer Soon?

We've seen a number of online rumors suggesting that the first Captain Marvel trailer might debut on June 13ComicBook recently reported that the rumors apparently originated with an Instagram post from a fan who calls herself Wendy Uncharted.

The post implied that Marvel/Disney were planning to launch a teaser trailer for Captain Marvel during their presentation at CineEurope 2018 in Barcelona. Interestingly, the convention's Instagram account simply shared the story with no added commentary. Check out the screenshot below!

Screenshot of CineEurope's reposting of the Captain Marvel story Screenshot of CineEurope's repost (Photo Credit - ComicBook)

MCU Cosmic also reported that they'd heard from multiple sources that the first Captain Marvel trailer was “already cut” and was “likely making its way through Disney’s marketing machine.” They added that the trailer might be screened at CineEurope.

At this point, production for the Anna Boden/Ryan Fleck movie hasn't even wrapped, so it's hard to imagine that anyone could have put together a trailer. But in many cases, it's not unheard of for modern Hollywood studios to release trailers while the cameras continue to roll, so we may see that teaser trailer soon. For example, Marvel dropped their first Black Panther trailer on June 10, 2017, well in advance of the movie's February 16, 2018 theatrical release.

We should also point out that Marvel doesn't plan to present a major Hall H panel at July's San Diego Comic-Con. In addition, the Disney D23 Expo won't even happen in 2018; rather, it's scheduled for August 2019. So, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see the first Captain Marvel trailer released at 2018's CineEurope.

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