Ant-Man & Spider-Man in Civil War - Comic Relief for the Serious Tone!

Black Panther in Civil War – A Man on His Own!

Black Panther Black Panther hasn't picked a side!

In spite of being a new character, Black Panther plays a very different role from Ant-Man and Spider-Man in Civil War! That’s what the Civil War director has confirmed. The Prince of Wakanda is ‘very central to the story’ and we would get to see him ‘pretty early’ in the movie. But how is he different from others? Anthony Russo stated:

Black Panther never quite chooses a side, he’s sort of on his own side for the whole movie which makes him very cool in this storytelling.

Well, we got to hear something similar last week from Chadwick Boseman as well.

All Characters Have Great Moments in Civil War!

Civil War While Cap has the most prominent role, Iron Man's got the second most!

Josh Whedon had said that directing Avengers: Age of Ultron was ‘a nightmare’ to him for having so many characters to deal with. Did the Russo Brothers feel the same while directing Captain America: Civil War? This upcoming flick also involves a whole bunch of superheroes. Yeah, it wasn’t easy for them as well!

According to Anthony, it was ‘really difficult’ for them to maintain a balance in Civil War and give all these ‘amazing’ characters their ‘due’. But there are characters that had to be given more prominence in the movie. Obviously, as it is a CAPTAIN AMERICA movie, Cap has got the most prominent role. Whose got the next most prominent role? Simple, it’s Iron Man! The Russo explained:

… He has that primary point of view that's pushing against Captain America in the film.

But, what about the others? He further added:

And then the other characters kind of fill in around them, but I think all of them have great moments.

And he also went on to say something specifically about Vision and Scarlet Witch:

They both have strong stories that will cross at some point in Civil War.

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