Amazing Spider-Games Part 3: Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2


9. Amazing Spider-Man: The Gameplay

I’m about to say something shocking. I think this game has some of the best gameplay design of any Spider-Man game ever. I KNOW, SHOCKING RIGHT!!!

I don’t even believe me.

In this game, the swinging uses both triggers, with each one controlling one of Spider-Man’s arms. So to go straight, you alternate triggers and to turn, you focus on one. It takes a while to master but after you do, it feels incredibly good and fluid. Like, I cannot believe how detailed and deep the swinging is in this game and nobody talks about it. Probably because it’s wedged in this decent enough movie tie in game.

Also, the Daily Bugle photography sidequest is my favorite thing in the entire game and it’s so deeply amazing. You arrive at a scene, photograph the aftermath of some sort of supervillain incident, and then you get a little news story about a Spider-Man villain who isn’t in the game. And it’s so much fun. It reminds me of the Riddler stuff in Arkham Asylum, a fun sidequest with some nerdy goodness for big Spider-Man fans.