According to Kevin Feige, these Two Superhero Flicks will be Different

Kevin Feige has a lot going on with all of the superhero flicks Marvel is releasing, and there's more to be explored in the MCU. During an interview with Collider, the head of Marvel talked about the Avengers, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange. He also mentioned two movies that he thinks will be different, despite previous adaptations.

So if you've been wondering what Feige thinks of bringing Spider-Man into Avengers: Infinity War, here's what he said:

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We’re figuring it out. I mean, it was really the specifics for Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Spider-Man: Homecoming just wrapped, as you know, and we’re just getting into cutting that movie, so that’s the primary focus, but we arethat iceberg is thawed and is nonexistent. So we talk to them all the time about what could be fun for the future.

Asked about the number of characters in Infinity War, and how they will handle the production, Feige said the story is in good hands, and he's not worried about this aspect.

There are a lot of characters in Captain America; there are a lot of characters in The Winter Soldier, and of course Civil War has as many as we’ve ever had, so it’s in very capable hands it comes to divvying up the storylines in a way that services a primary narrative but showcases many characters.

With Doctor Strange coming up, Feige was asked how they handle alternative dimensions in the MCU, and still manage to keep it all linked, even when introducing new characters and new worlds.

It is tricky. Whenever we introduce a new character or a new conceit, it’s another tool in the storytelling story box for future movies. I think with all of those tools there are great examples in the comics of how to utilize them in really fun and amazing ways.

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There are examples of how the whole thing could collapse in on itself—if you’re not careful. So I think we’re well aware of that and want to always try to use new conceits sparingly and in a way that enhances the story we’re telling, versus making it unwieldy and confusing to people who haven’t followed along the whole journey.

Last, but not least, Feige revealed that he believes that these two movies will bring something different despite their previous adaptations.

I almost count Homecoming and Ragnarok as two almost entirely different and brand new things even though there’s been other Spider-Man films and two other Thor films. They’re very, very, different.