5 Weaker DC Characters Who Could Defeat The Hulk

Manchester Black

The key word here is psionics.

Manchester Black is a British anti-hero/villain with absolutely no physical powers whatsoever. He could, however, very easily defeat the Hulk - and, given his hate for traditional heroes, he would enjoy every last second of it.

Black's powers are all psionic - he is both an incredibly powerful telekinetic and an immensely powerful telepath. This means he can both move things and control living beings with his mind alone.


One of Black's most impressive telekinetic feats was inducing a stroke in Superman. Even though the capillaries in Superman's head were extremely durable ("little tubes of concrete"), Black was able to telekinetically fiddle with them to the point that Superman was rendered immobile (he even called him a "spastic" while he was just inches from his face during the ordeal). If he could do this to Superman, he could just as easily do it to the Hulk without needing to go anywhere near him.

Moreover, Black could simply mind-control the Hulk. Normally, this is quite a difficult thing to do, due to Hulk's almost uncontrollable rage, but Black has achieved more difficult feats using his telepathy.


Black once controlled an entire army of Superman's villains to attack the Man of Steel - including Doomsday, who is every bit as single-minded and aggressive as the Hulk. If he can control Doomsday whilst also controlling countless other villains at the same time, he could easily control just Hulk on his own.