5 R Rated Comic Book Movies We Need

With Deadpool’s R-rating release this weekend, we’ll be exploring some R rated comic book movies that we’d love to see come out soon. Bloggers and fans all over are discussing the pros and cons of rating superhero movies with an ‘R’. Of course, Deadpool isn’t the first comic book movie to be rated ‘R’, Blade, Watchmen, 300, and Sin City all had R ratings when they were released, but Deadpool is considered to be the first “superhero” comic book movie to be released with such an adult rating. It has raised a lot of questions about the future of comic book and superhero movies, and the characters that need an R rating to accurately portray the story and do a decent job of adapting from the original source material.

The argument coming from some is that the comic book movie genre is starting to grow a little tired, recycling a lot of the same themes and stylistic approaches. Especially now that so many superhero movies are in the pipeline to be released in the next four years, fans are worried that traditional avenues for favorite characters and comic books could all blur into one. The story of a hero defeating the villain and saving the world. Deadpool gives these fans hope that the landscape of superhero movies is changing and that more complicated, gruesome, realistic, and adult storylines and characters can be explored.

The opposing side of course, is worried about tarnishing the superhero movie brand, especially for younger viewers who would not be able to watch new releases rated R. Mothers are already penning letters about Deadpool’s rating and their inability to now take their kids to enjoy a favorite character. There are a lot of arguments pertaining to this, that we won’t get into here, but it’s obvious that both the landscape is changing, and the the majority of fans are excited for it.

In celebration of Deadpool’s opening weekend and its R rating that made headlines across the country, and globe for that matter, we’ve come up with a list of 5 R Rated Comic Book Movies We Need… like now. These characters will thrive with a little bit more realism.