5 Best Superhero Movie Themes

Superhero cinema has certainly taught us that no comic book film is complete without a killer theme for its eponymous hero. In just a few notes, superhero theme music can rev an audience up for the incredible feats they're about to witness or tap into the decades of nostalgia that many of the most popular heroes have behind them. Though countless heroes have received their own big-screen themes, here are the five best.

John Williams, Superman (1978)


The grand-daddy of the modern superhero film strikes again. The fanfare-heavy main theme debuted in Richard Donner's original film about the DC Comics hero, and nearly 40 years later, it remains one of composer John Williams' most famous works (alongside his Star Wars theme, of course). Even throughout the last son of Krypton's many iterations, the song is his most recognizable musical calling card. Filmmaker Bryan Singer even reused Williams' theme in 2006 release Superman Returns in an effort to solidify his film's status as a spiritual follow-up to Donner's take on the character. Hans Zimmer offers a fresh musical approach to Superman in Man of Steel, and while that tune is strong, it is nowhere near as iconic as Williams' version.