10 Upcoming Superhero Movies I’m Most Excited For

Man, I remember when getting a superhero movie was a rare treat; when they were something I would get hyped up about years in advance. And, if they were bad, that was it for the year; I didn’t have another one coming up in two months to pin all my new hopes on. It’s so much better now. And with all the comic book movies that we’re soon to get, I thought I’d rank the 10 I’m most psyched for. Again, the 10 “I” am most psyched for. ME. Not the 10 you should be excited for, not the 10 that Daily Superheroes as a site is most excited for, this is just MY PERSONAL OPINION. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH.

Source: nerdist.com

10. Deadpool 2

Yes, Deadpool was great. Yes, I want more of Ryan Reynolds’s pitch perfect portrayal of the Merc with a Mouth. But I’m also excited for what seems like will be an awesome Cable/Deadpool movie.

Giving Wade a straight man to bounce off of is smart; making that straight man a grizzled time traveling future soldier is brilliance incarnate. Cable/Deadpool is one of the sadly underrated runs in Wade Wilson’s career, and seeing it brought to life would bring me massive amounts of joy.

Also, while the first film was a super fun time, it was very clearly shot on a shoestring budget, so seeing that same team play around with one hell of a lot more money? I’m down for the good time that’ll be.

Wade and Cable, R-rated buddy action comedy team, has the potential to be something that elevates above the first movie to new heights of greatness.

Source: marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com

9. Captain Marvel

I’ll concede that it took WAY TOO long for the MCU to get a female led superhero movie, but hey, Carol Danvers is a pretty great one to start with.

All of the most recent Captain Marvel series featuring Danvers have been spectacular, and seeing that character (and especially that costume) onscreen is going to be phenomenal. Starting off as Ms. Marvel before taking a vast array of identities, Carol Danvers has made quite a few names for herself. Warbird, Binary, and finally, Captain Marvel. The identity that she well and truly earned as a hero.

While it’s too early to know exactly what the plot or interpretation we’ll see in the film will be, we can rest assured that whatever it is, it’ll be pretty awesome. And I for one am beyond excited to see Carol take flight on the big screen once and for all.

Straighten up and fly right, everybody.