10 Worst Bloodlines Characters

Oh, the mid to late nineteen nineties, such a horrible time period for character creation. And nothing is a better example of this than DC Comics’ 1993 story line, Bloodlines. The event, which ran through the annuals of every DC comic, followed the invasion of earth by alien parasites. In each annual, a parasite accidentally activated a metahuman, generating a brand new superhero or supervillain. Out of 24 new characters, only three even marginally memorable ones were created: One good (Hitman, star of one of DC’s most underrated and best series), one fine (Anima, who did some Teen Titans stuff, until Prometheus murdered her) and one terrible (the number one entry on this list). So let’s take a look at some of the most forgettable characters in comic book history. Welcome to Bloodlines.

Source: dc.wikia.com

10. Cardinal Sin

I’ll be fully honest here. I don't understand how this character didn’t catch on.

His outfit isn’t THAT much worse than those of other Batman villains of the time, his gimmick is memorable, and his name is phenomenal. Like, I would rather have seen more Cardinal Sin stories. Friggin' Amygdala got to stick around; why couldn’t he?

Perry Dennison was a Gotham City priest, until one of the Bloodlines Parasites attacked him and changed him forever. Perry gained the ability to cause decay and death with his hands. He found that these powers granted him a unique capability to do evil, and decided to give that a shot. Finding that he loved evil quite a bit, Perry took the name Cardinal Sin and decided to go murder his Bishop, Bishop Maxwell. That’s my kinda dude. “Hmm, these powers would be good for a supervillain, so I guess that’s what I gotta be now.”

Maybe it was God’s plan.