10 Underrated Superman Foes

The Man of Steel. The superhero’s superhero. The Man of Tomorrow. Superman is one of the greatest comic book characters of all time, and he's capable of generating some of the best comic book stories of all time. But some people claim that Supes “doesn’t have good villains”. This is foolish and ridiculous. I can PROVE that Superman has great villains. And I don’t even need to use the classics. So, no Luthor, no Zod, no Brainiac, but I’ll still smack down a list of ten awesome villains for the Blue Boy Scout.

Source: youtube.com

10. Eradicator

The Eradicator is a machine. A cold, calculating, mechanical monstrosity with one purpose: eradicate and overwrite.

Once awakened on a new planet, the Eradicator works to turn that planet into a new version of Krypton. Mostly through burning things to the ground and starting over. It’s not the MOST productive way to do things. After Superman was killed, the machine reconstituted itself into a new form using Superman’s DNA, and started flying around Metropolis telling everyone it was Superman.

This was put in doubt because of its habit of murdering various street criminals. With its laser hands. Oh, it has laser hands. Didn’t mention that. When Superman came back, he sadly was lacking his powers. But while he, Eradicator, Steel, Green Lantern, etc. were fighting Mongul and Cyborg Superman, Cyborg Supes punched a hole in Eradicator’s chest. The excess sun radiation gave back Superman's powers. Yay.

But since then, Eradicator has been a terrifying threat to Superman, and an inhuman one at that.