10 Thoughts About Suicide Squad: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

So Suicide Squad has been released to shall we say extremely negative reviews but my feelings are a bit more complex than that so I figured I’d do this differently than normal. This time, instead of ten things I loved or ten that I hated, I’m breaking it down into three separate categories. The Good: the things I liked. The Bad: the things I thought were technically or structurally bad on a filmmaking level. The Ugly: The unpleasant, awful things that we need to talk about. Overall I did not enjoy this movie and I would call it a bad film, buuuuuuut there were things I did like so let’s start with one of those positives.

Source: comicbook.com

10. The Good: An Improvement for the DCEU

This was the first DCEU movie I've seen where I didn’t leave the theater seething with rage. Okay, I know, not THE HIGHEST of praise, but hey, it’s an improvement.

This film had moments I liked and characters I would want to see more of. I cannot say the same about the rage-inducing Man of Steel or the “does not even count as a movie” Dawn of Justice. This movie shows a slight trend in the right direction and, while it isn’t quite there yet, it leaves me hopeful for good movies later down the line.

I know that “This wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen” might feel like a backhanded complement, but my expectations were set shockingly low on this one. And not just because the marketing looked like the result of a one-night stand between a condemned Hot Topic and an Ed Hardy t-shirt. Although I can’t say that wasn’t a part of it.

But overall, this was an actual improvement, and one that leaves me with high hopes that I’ll enjoy Wonder Woman. Maybe that’ll be the great one.