10 Things We Can Expect from Venom

The announcement that Sony was moving forward with the Venom movie was probably the biggest surprise so far this year, but it's left many fans bewildered. They're bewildered because the studio’s plans for a Spider-Man shared universe fell apart when the deal with Marvel was made, and you can’t simply make a Venom movie without a Peter Parker connection.

Some fans are bewildered, but many others are actually looking forward to seeing this flick. Whether it's an MCU Spider-Man side story or not, it's all the same. As one of the web crawler’s most notorious antagonists, Venom deserves proper treatment on the big screen, especially after Sam Raimi (at the same studio’s request, of course) cast Topher Grace as Venom in Spider-Man 3.

What can we expect from this exciting new project? What should we know about this awesome villain, who over time has become an anti-hero? Well, check it out here!