10 Things To Expect Of Iron Man In Captain America: Civil War

Everybody who enjoys comic book movies loves Robert Downey, Jr.'s Tony Stark, right?

He's witty and charisma just drips off him - plus, if somebody describes themselves as a "genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist", they deserve your admiration. That being said, he's being presented as the antagonist in Captain America: Civil War, which could result in some fans' opinions of the character changing dramatically.

Stark will oppose the titular hero, leading the pro-legislation team into battle, and fighting to bring Bucky Barnes to justice, while also attempting to comply with an initiative called the "Sokovia Accords" (a set of rules that the governments of the world are trying to enforce on superheroes, prompting them to register as such, in order for them to carry out their supervillain-ass-kicking endeavours in a controlled manner) whose rules Cap won't be too keen on.

While the movie's concept is loosely based on the classic Civil War comic book arc, it certainly won't follow its script anywhere near to the letter. With that in mind, knowing what to expect from even established characters is tough. It's even trickier in Tony Stark's case, because he's been the flagship hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date and this will be a completely new role for him.

We have our predictions, however - especially given that the first trailer finally dropped last week and set a tone of sorts - and they're very intriguing (some of them might surprise you)...


Tony Stark Tony Stark

After the Battle of New York in the Avengers movies - in which he fought against aliens and was forced to dump a nuclear missile into a space portal - Tony Stark was revealed to be suffering from "post-traumatic stress disorder" in Iron Man 3. He couldn't sleep and he kept having panic attacks - though he seemed to be fine in his next appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

However, after he inadvertently created a homicidal robot in the aforementioned movie, he'll probably experience some similar PTSD occurrences in Captain America: Civil War.

This could end up partially contributing to his irrational willingness to fight against his former ally Captain America and will certainly be further triggered by seeing his best friend James "Rhodey" Rhodes badly injured (which is something we saw will occur from the trailer).