10 Things About Ben Affleck's Batman That Look Awesome

I like Batman. Of course I do. Any comic book/superhero fan worth his or her salt likes Batman. But I'm not a super-fan of the character by any stretch of the imagination.

That being said, there are plenty of those around. One of them is my good friend Paul James (@DrPaji - give him a follow), who owns every bit of Batman merchandise it's possible to own, has an awesome Bat-themed tattoo sprawled across his chest and even has a character named after him in the Batman mythos (Dr. Del Paji, who first appeared in Batman: Year Zero in December of 2013), after he won a competition run by Scott Synder on Twitter.

I had an in-depth discussion with Paul about his thoughts on Ben Affleck's Batman, following the release of the final trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just last week, and we both agree that he looks amazing. So, with some serious input from my good buddy (credit where it's due!), here are ten things about Ben Affleck's Batman that we think look awesome.

The Movement

Batman. Source: Warner Brothers Batman. Source: Warner Brothers

From the trailers - particularly the most recent/final one, in which the Dark Knight takes out a group of thugs - for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we can see that the way this Batman moves is like nothing we've ever seen in live action before - and it looks fantastic.

The people behind DC's animated productions have that movement nailed, and it finally looks as though the people behind a live action Batman movie have got it nailed as well.

Batman looks fast, precise and acrobatic - which is a definite and positive move away from the street-brawler we previously saw in the Nolanverse movies.