10 Silver Age DC Properties Waiting For A Comeback

I’ve written a lot about Marvel comics lately, but don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge DC nerd as well. The DC Universe bleeds through my love of comics like bad ink through bad newsprint. And a big source of this love were the DC Showcase collections, huge phone books of black and white reprints of classic silver age comics. Through these, I fell in love with the odd characters and wacky events of the Silver Age. The classics like Flash, Green Lantern, and the Atom for sure, but also the transitional oddities like the science heroes and the war stories. Wanna learn about the Sea Devils or the Unknown Soldier? Have a burning need for some info on G. I. Robot or the original Suicide Squad? Well let’s kick it into gear with some classic DC icons.

Source: blogspot.com

10. Cave Carson

Deep under the earth, there are still dangers that need to be addressed. There’s new territory to explore. And who better to do that exploring than Cave Carson?

Calvin Carson and the Mighty Mole excavation vehicle, crew in tow, blasted through the earth on exploratory missions throughout the silver age before vanishing into the mist. Most recently, he saw a revival through DC’s Young Animal imprint with the series Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye and it’s follow-up Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye.

Both of these were fun looks at the characters that really gave me a modern feel for what Cave Carson could be in the present. A smart guy, an explorer, a failed family man who needs to pull his life together. And his robot eye.