10 People Who Beat Superman

The Man of Steel, the Man of Tomorrow, the big blue boy scout. Superman always comes out on top, he takes what ever is thrown at him and comes out smiling. But does he always? Aren’t there times when he fails? When he looses? I mean yes, all the time. Because comic books are an ongoing serialized fiction medium and it’s a good way to ramp up tension. But what are some notable losses of the Man of Steel and who dealt them out? What are the big ones in the game of massive failure? Let’s have some fun and look at the people who most frequently kick Superman’s ass and how they’ve historically done it. Most of them involve kryptonite. Hell, if I was a huge jerk who loved cop-outs, I’d just make the number one entry on this list “Kryptonite”.

Source: medium.com

10. Doomsday

Yeah, yeah, let’s start with the famous one.

Doomsday was literally created to beat Superman. Well, he was a big bone monster in biker shorts who was designed to kill Superman both in and out of story. You see, Doomsday was a genetically engineered superweapon that adapted based on its each and every defeat to be better equipped the next time. He broke out of his cell and whipped the entire Justice League’s asses.

Hell, he hit Booster so bad, the dude changed costumes. Do you know how hard you have to hit a guy to realign his wardrobe? Because Doomsday does. After the JLA, Doomsday went after Superman and they punched each other in the face a lot. Until they both died, in fact. It was very homoerotic. In a good way, obvs. They’re making an animated movie out of it! Again.

I remember when they adapted it into an animated movie the last time. I mean, it was only *checks Wikipedia* eleven years ago. Jesus god I’m old.