10 MORE Spooktacular Halloween Comics

Last year, I did one of these spooky comics lists to help y’all Halloween it up right. You can find that list HERE. But what about ten more? If you’ve already read all of the books I recommended, here are ten more to keep you spooked through the rest of the season. Plus, last time, I put my list up on Halloween, so this year I wanted to give you a bit more time.

Source: goodreads.com

10. Fatale

(Image Comics)

Josephine is immortal.

She’s also pursued by a Lovecraftian cult that wants her deader than Lovecraft himself. Fatale is her story, a series that can only be defined as Lovecraftian Noir. I know someone out there just squealed like a schoolgirl, and I did the same thing when I heard about Fatale. So I get it.

The series plays out over five volumes and 24 issues that are expertly crafted to the utmost degree. This is an Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips comic. With Dave Stewart coloring, no less. There are no bad ones. Hell, I’d say this is my least favorite of their collaborations, and it’s still an amazing comic that you need to read. The weird gangster horror idea is just so cool and interesting that I can’t help but fall deeply in love with it. It’s so flipping good.

Pick up Volume One. You will not regret it.