10 More DC Elseworlds

I love alternate universe comics. Just oh so much. And DC’s Elseworlds lineup was incredible to behold and is sorely missed. I’ve written about it again and again but for now, here’s a loadout of some badass Elseworlds book to read as soon as you get some time on your hands. If your favorite isn’t on here… It was probably on a previous list. I’ve done a lot of these, give me some credit, god. So even though it’s Marvel’s gimmick, let’s take some time and ask what if…

Source: howtoarsenio.blogspot.com

10. Superman: Kal

…Superman existed in the Middle Ages?

Here’s one that I wish was better. In the story, Kal-El crashes on earth in medieval times (the era, not the restaurant, sadly) and is raised by poor serf farmers. He is raised as a skilled Blacksmith and falls for noble Lady Loisse. Although this causes him to run afoul of the evil and dictatorial Baron Luthor. Luthor discovers Kal’s rocket, and hires Kal to fashion a suit of armor from it.

Kal complies, but Luthor takes an interest in Loisse. Kal proposes but Luthor snatches her away, intending to sleep with her. Kal is unable to fight back due to Luthor’s talisman: a green rock that fell from the sky the night Kal’s rocket crashed. Luthor attempts to rape Loisse and murders her. Luthor and Kal murder each other, with only Kal’s sword (also made from the rocket) is the only thing to survive.

The sword would later go on to become Excalibur which is fantastic and the only real good thing about this story. The rest is kinda needlessly murder-rapey-dark. But it’s got some super pretty Dave Gibbons art.