17 MCU Phase 4 Rumors that We Hope aren't True

We recently brought you an article about Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Four rumors that we hope ARE true, so now it's time to reverse things. We know very little about Phase Four, but what we do know sounds great - let's hope nothing ends up spoiling it!

As the most successful movie franchise of all time, the MCU is talked about a lot - and a lot of that talking relates to rumors of what's to come in the franchise's future.

A lot of those rumors turn out to be true but, of course, a lot of them turn out to be speculative nonsense as well. In the case of these rumors about the fourth phase in the franchise, we really hope it's the latter, because they sound terrible to us.

Here are seventeen Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Four rumors that we really hope aren't true.

No Rescheduling Of Inhumans

The Inhumans movie was originally scheduled for the end of Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Three but, as most people now know, the third phase will now end with the second Avengers: Infinity War movie (whatever that ends up being called).

The immediate reaction of fans was to believe that the Inhumans movie would simply be moved to one of the early slots in Phase Four - but rumors are now suggesting that's not the case and that would be a real shame.

Cancelling the Inhumans movie indefinitely is not what we want. It has the potential to be fantastic - even though the characters are a little obscure (look at Guardians of the Galaxy for proof of how good that can turn out) - and, just because Inhumans are being explored on the small screen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel Studios shouldn't scrap their big screen opportunity.

Here comes a rumor about a supernatural hero we'd love to see in the MCU, but not like how he's rumored to appear.