10 Characters Who Should Have Stayed Dead

Comic book characters don’t stay dead. Literally ever. And a lot of the time, that’s not a problem. There are numerous characters who've been brought back from the dead to tell some of their best stories. For example, the Winter Soldier made Bucky Barnes a really valuable character, even after people had spent years saying that he should have remained dead. But here are some characters who probably should have remained dead.


Source: fjackets.com

10. Elektra

(Daredevil, Marvel Comics)

Elektra was created by Frank Miller, and killed by Frank Miller, and resurrected by Frank Miller. And one of those moves was a mistake.

Matt Murdock’s former girlfriend re-entered his life as a Hand-developed ninja assassin, which is about par for the course for Daredevil Girlfriends. When you and Matt Murdock break up, the universe hands you a set of nunchucks and a pamphlet listing all nearby criminal organizations.

Elektra’s brief life and death were excellent, but nothing she’s appeared in has measured up, not even Miller’s own follow-ups like Elektra: Assassin. I will say that if she’s going to be “the girlfriend perma-killed by Bullseye”, she should be the ONLY one. I’m sick of Matt’s GFs getting fridged.

But if she’d come in and gone out quick and neat in one of the best comics to feature the title character? That woulda been one hell of a memorable anti-hero.