10 Bloodthirsty Vampires in Comics

Source: screenrant.com

9. Jubilee


Hi, there, nineties X-Men cartoon fans! How are you guys doing? Good? Good. So anyway, Jubilee.

Jubilation Lee was an orphan turned homeless child living in Hollywood, California. At a young age, she discovered that she had the ability to shoot bursts of energy (nicknamed “fireworks”) from her hands. Eventually, she was picked up by the X-Men, and Wolverine took her under his wing and trained her. After a stint on the X-Men Blue Team, she left to become a founding member of Generation X, where she lasted for many years.

She bounced around for a few years before losing her powers alongside most of the world’s mutants on M-Day. After the death of Dracula, Jubilee was infected by a vampire suicide bomber and began to transform into a vampire herself. This transformation was completed by a bite from Dracula’s son Xarus. This gave her full vampire powers, replacing her former mutant ones. She also adopted a child named Shogo, so points for her.

Vampire teen mom for the win.