10 Best Superhero Sidekicks of All Time

With the recent leaked photos revealing that Scoot McNairy will be playing Jimmy Olsen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we couldn't help but start thinking about all our other favorite comic book and superhero sidekicks. Both on and off screen. Though we know Jimmy Olsen isn't quite your traditional sidekick, he has no powers of his own, he's there through it all. And isn't that really what makes a good sidekick?

Since nearly the beginning of comic books, sidekicks have been present to help our heroes, fight for what is right, and yeah, sometimes get in more trouble than they're worth. Everybody needs a sidekick, or at least a really good friend they can count on when things aren't going so well. Along with a superhero's pets, sidekicks are a great way to gain insight into our heroes as people.

Some of the best sidekicks break out of their prescriptive roles and into their own story lines, pages, and even entire comic book series dedicated to them. The best sidekicks become heroes themselves. It only makes sense-- they've learned from the best out there.

Here are our 10 Best Superhero Sidekicks of All Time.