10 Best Spies in Comics

Espionage is one of those classic comic book genres that never really gets the respect that it deserves. Like, I love me some spy comics, but people tend to ignore them in favor of war or horror, or, obviously, superheroes. But the world of cool gadgets, covert ops, and quiet gunfights has a ton of representation in the four-color world. So grab your shaken not stirred Martini, make sure your suit and tie are clean, and pop that silencer on your Walther PPK, because it’s time to gear up and talk spies.

Source: dccomics.com

10. Dick Grayson

Robin, Nightwing, Batman...Dick Grayson has held many identities. But one in particular stands out on this list: Agent 37 of SPYRAL.

After his identity was exposed to the world by the Crime Syndicate, Richard Grayson had nowhere left to turn. Sent to infiltrate the organization by Batman himself, Grayson decided to do it using his own methods. With his everlasting charm and wit, Dick made his way through the SPYRAL ranks, gaining notoriety for his very unusual methods.

With full and complete anonymity due to his Hypnos implants, Grayson was able to work with tons of high profile heroes without being recognized. Midnighter, Batgirl, Superman, old friends and new friends alike. The series itself is fun, high octane, sexy spy stuff that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Like old school James Bond, some globe trotting adventure for you to enjoy.

Like the ad campaign for the series stated, you may know Nightwing, but you don’t know Dick.