10 Best Recent Image Comics

Image Comics is celebrating their 25th anniversary right now. Of course, I wanted to use that fact to get to talk about some of my favorite recent Image comics. A quick heads up: These are just a few of MY favorites. I could easily fill three more articles with honorable mentions. Like, I love Image. A lot. They’re fantastic. And this is just a tiny selection of recent (last two years or ongoing) books.

Source: inverse.com

10. Outcast

Robert Kirkman. Paul Azaceta. Need I say more? I mean, evidently I do, because it's my job. But I shouldn’t have to.

Recently adapted to television, Outcast is an A-number one horror story that spooks me like no other. It’s a real straight-up creep show, and I love every second of it. The story follows Kyle Barnes, a young man with a tragic past full of horrible incidents. You see, people close to Kyle Barnes tend to go completely insane. Or perhaps get possessed by demons?

But that would be crazy, it's not like demons are real, right?

Barnes and Father Anderson go on their journey to free the town they live in from the darkness that surrounds them. But why are these people drawn to him? These hideous shadow demons? And what does it mean when they start referring to Kyle as…The Outcast? A fantastic and underrated series, Outcast is a must-buy if you’re a horror fan.