10 Best Marvel/DC Crossovers

Source: comicscube.com

1. JLA/Avengers

I know a lot of you probably assumed this spot would belong to Marvel vs DC, which is indeed a fun diversion, but it skews closer to thoughtless blockbuster for my tastes.

Instead, I feel no qualms in putting Kurt Busiek and George Perez’ JLA/Avengers at the top of this list by a wide margin. The story is not just a love letter to the concept of the crossover, but to the entire Marvel and DC universes as a whole. It’s comic booking perfection, and I can’t help but love it. Every little moment is incredible.

Issue One, in which the two teams first encounter each other and each other’s world has all the perspective readjusting for both teams you’d want. Issue Two is every possible fight scene you could hope for between the two teams. Issue Three is a great reality shift story that has the single most powerful moment of the series, and Issue Four is the all-out climax that had to happen.

The scene in which the JLA and Avengers see all the hardships and misery they will have to endure in the future, and decide to go through it anyway, for the good of both their worlds? That thing makes me tear up every single time. A powerful and fun story that cements itself as the best a Marvel/DC crossover can possibly be.

Also, Hawkeye calling the Justice League “Squadron Supreme wannabes” might be the high point of comic books as a medium.