10 Best Iron Man Armors

Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, has had a lovely and varied wardrobe, composed mostly of big scary murder suits. And we all love to pore over those big scary murder suits, so here’s a fun rundown (a fundown, if you will) of those beloved giant metal death costumes. Come take a look at the best Iron Man armors known to man, iron or otherwise.
Source: marvel.wikia.com

10. The Model 1

And of course we gotta find a place for that classic of classics, the first Iron Man armor.

Built in a cave in Vietnam, this hunk o’ junk was able to take on Wong-Chu and his entire army of vague stereotypes that made us kind of uncomfortable when viewed from today’s perspective. Professor Yinsen and Tony Stark collaborated in building the first suit, which was in part a makeshift pacemaker to keep Tony from a painful death.

Once home, he painted the thing gold to make it look more heroic and less monstrous. Eventually, though, Tony realized that the suit was just too clunky and heavy, and he switched to a lighter armor. This was, however, the armor in which he started, and the armor he wore when he founded the Avengers. An important one to behold, for sure.

Also, Stark used a version of the Model 1 to defeat Norman Osborn in his Iron Patriot armor. The armor was destroyed, but pieces were used in the construction of Pepper Potts’ Rescue Armor, so it’s still saving people to this day.