10 Best Animals in Comics

Positivity!? Yaaaaaaay!! This week, I wanted to write about something that makes me happy, and writing about the various animal sidekicks our favorite heroes have had makes me smile. So, write about them I shall!! Because here’s the thing: superhero comic books are, at their hearts, goofy fun. And there’s nothing goofier or more fun than adorable animals running around in capes fighting people. Honorable mentions for this list include Proty from the Legion of Superheroes, The Lying Cat from Saga, and Tippy-Toe from The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, all of whom just barely missed the cut.comicvine.gamespot
Source: comicvine.gamespot.com

10. Lockjaw

(Inhumans, Marvel Comics)

I’m not the biggest Inhumans fan. It has nothing to do with me not liking them (because I do); I just never really got into their comics. But Lockjaw, I’ve always loved.

Not just because he was in the criminally underrated Pet Avengers mini-series, but also because he’s a big adorable doggie (I know he’s not technically a dog, but he counts enough for this list) and I love dogs more than people, on average.

Lockjaw is a massive hound capable of teleportation. He’s vastly intelligent and operates as a part of the Inhuman royal family. Also, he tends to make guest appearances in tons of comic books, because people love writing about and drawing Lockjaw. My personal favorites are his appearances in The Thing and Ms. Marvel, which are both hilarious and super fun.

Lockjaw just rules so goshdarn hard.