10 Batman Villains Perfect for the Next Movie

We've had a lot of Batman movies over the years. And we seem destined to get at least one more in the immediate future. But which villains do we need? Which ones need to be re-done, and which ones need a first chance to steal the hearts and minds of audiences?

Source: dccomics.com

10. Clayface

I’m honestly shocked that we haven’t seen a Batman film about Clayface yet.

He’s the type of visually interesting villain who hits as hard as possible and looks awesome while doing it. Guy would’ve been tailor made for a 1990s Batman film. His malleability and shifting form would have fit Tim Burton’s gothic-ly odd aesthetic OR Schumacher’s weird camp sensibilities. I’m just surprised that we got Bane before we got Clayface. But we aren’t fantasy-casting a make-believe ‘90s Batman flick; we’re talking about a brand new one.

So how would Clayface work? Well, a shapeshifting assassin would make a great mystery, and a brutal force of nature would be an excellent physical threat. Clayface isn’t the most arch of Batman’s foes, but why does he need to be? Why can’t we just get a nice old-school Batman adventure? And that’s exactly what this would be.

A nice, fun time to be had by all.