January 29, 2015
Sexism: Barrier To Female Superhero!

After years of drought, we have had two back-to-back announcements of solo female superhero movies, Marvel’s Captain Marvel and Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman. We’ve also heard of a female superhero television adaptation from each of the two studios, Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones and Warner Bros’ Supergirl. Why is the number so negligible? Why was there years of pause?

Joss Whedon seems to have an answer! In an interview with Digital Spy, the Avengers director spoke on the issue and accused the comic book industry of ‘genuine, recalcitrant, intractable sexism’! In spite of the fact that the interview took place last summer on the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron, before any female superhero movies were announced, the website has only just published it!

Joss Whedon: There’s Always An Excuse!


Many people claim that female superhero movies do not come up as successful as the male superhero movies and perform way too bad in the box-office. As examples of that, they point their fingers towards the 2004 venture featuring Halle Berry, Catwoman, and the subsequent year’s Jennifer Garner starrer Elektra. Whedon addressed the issue saying “You hear ‘Oh, don’t work because of these tw bad ones that were made eight years ago’, there’s always an excuse.

Whedon Praises The Hunger Games!


The fan-favorite director acclaimed The Hunger Games series as the proof to the fact that female superhero ventures can also be successful box-office elements. According to Whedon, the movie is a ‘different structure and aesthetic’ to some level, but these movies do possess the narratives where ‘people are bigger than life’ and also that they belong to the same ‘terrible, heightened circumstances’, they can be included as ‘part of the same genre’.

Marvel Should Make Female Superhero Movies!


Whedon didn’t hesitate to say that Marvel Studio should look towards making female superhero ventures as they are in ‘a position of making a statement’. The director claimed that such initiative would be ‘a good thing to do’ for the studio as well. However, he also admitted the fact that most big female superheroes of Marvel belong to Fox.

Do you think the same way as the director does? Do you want more female superhero movies? Share your thoughts via comments!