Suicide Squad – From the Trailer

So the studio execs said they won’t release online the footage for Suicide Squad. And they also said that they are upset with the fans who leaked the footage online. And they also said that, maybe, next time they won’t show anything at all.

And then they let David Ayer release it. It makes no sense at all, but still – now we have the Suicide Squad footage in all its twisted gloriousness. Check it out below!

Moving on, here are the things you (didn’t) miss from this trailer!

The perfect setting for this kind of conversation The perfect setting for this kind of conversation

This is the underworld, where bad people live, where bad people do their bad deeds. And the tone is bleak, dark – as Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller speaks about the Suicide Squad, we get a sense that she is in control and she knows it.

But what does that mean? It means that she, probably, also made a pact with the devil, so to speak, in order to control the hardened criminals. Why do we say that? You cannot speak so gallantly about the devil(s) while cutting a juicy beef steak (also: Are you the devil?)

Then we hear the reason why all this is happening: these evil doers, some with superpowers, already existed. But Superman gave them the impulse to creep back from the shadows.

Quite surprisingly, the next character we see in the clip, as she is talking about superpowered beings, isn’t Killer Croc or some other villain.

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