March 24, 2017
Deadpool 2: Brad Pitt as Cable and a Logan Post-Credits Scene

Ever since we saw the Deadpool post-credits scene, everybody's been wondering who will portray Cable in the sequel. And, leaving aside Deadpool’s jokes (Keira Knightley wouldn’t really fit the role), rumors have been circulating about the director or star wanting this or that actor. So quite a few names have been mentioned, from Kyle Chandler to Pierce Brosnan. Most recently, the word is that Michael Shannon (Zod in Man of Steel) is the frontrunner, which would be great, given his acting chops.

However, a previous rumor said that Brad Pitt was also on the list of potential Cables, and was actually in negotiations with the studio to play the time-traveling mutant. At that time, it seemed that this was just wishful thinking. After all, given the actor’s previous endeavors, a role in a superhero flick didn’t seem likely.

But, as it turns out, the actor was seriously taken into consideration. And concept art featuring Pitt as Cable has been leaked online. And if you believe that Brad Pitt wouldn’t be an awesome Cable, think again (via Screen Geek)!

Brad Pitt as Cable concept art

Brad Pitt as Cable concept art

Brad Pitt as Cable concept art

Also, check out these Deadpool 2 concept art pieces with DeadpoolDomino, and Colossus:

Deadpool concept art

Domino concept art

Colossus concept art

And since we're talking Deadpool 2, here's something you probably haven’t seen yet: What if Logan had a post-credits scene that was similar to the prologue? In other words, what if Deadpool popped up at the end of Logan?

Well, check it out below! But know from the start that Logan will be spoiled big time in this one!

Again, an awesome clip! And it really does seem that Ryan Reynolds is there. However, this is just a fan-made clip from JoBlo and Banana Dragon. What do you think? That does seem to be Ryan Reynolds – plus, Ivan Drago?

JoBlo and Banana Dragon