10 Best Superman Allies

Last time, I took a look at Superman’s underrated rogues gallery. This week, I want to turn a friendlier light on those who help Supes do battle with the forces of evil. From super teens to super pets to non-super regular folk, here’s my favorite assortment of Superman’s pals.

                                                              Source: ign.com

10. Superboy

Look, cloning the best person of all time isn’t the greatest of ideas. Like, you’re really testing the whole nature vs. nurture thing, and rolling the dice that the super powerful godlike being you just created decides not to conquer the earth. But thankfully, it worked out, and Superboy came out okay.

The dude managed to grow up into just kind of an occasional jerk, as opposed to insisting that everyone refer to him as “the new overlord of the planet Earth, or as it is now called, Superboy-topia”. And that’s even more shocking, given how the non-Superman half of Superboy’s DNA came from Lex Luthor.

Yes, THAT Lex Luthor.

But Kon-El managed to grow up, with the influence of other superheroes, like Supes himself and the Young Justice/Teen Titans squads. When he was given the chance to live with the Kents, he took it, and formed a life in which he had the parents he was so long denied. Eventually, Superman came to terms with having a clone of himself bopping around, and he took a more active role in Conner’s life.