10 Best Replacement Heroes

Sometimes heroes retire, sometimes they fall in battle. But either way, someone has to step up to take a missing hero's place.

A brief note: All handpicked successors were wiped from this list. I exclusively picked heroes introduced as replacements for characters who were temporarily disabled. So, even though I like them a lot, no Kamala Ms. Marvel or FalconCap or Wally West Flash. They're pretty great, though. Replacements only, no successors.

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10. The Flash (Walter West)

(aka The Dark Flash)

Wally West is not a replacement hero. Wally West is a successor. HOWEVER, Walter West is a completely different story.

Walter was the Flash in an alternate reality, where his decisions led to personal failure and tragedy. When he and our Earth’s Wally West got bounced around in time and space, Walter took up the role of The Flash for the time being.

This led to initial mistrust and worry among Wally’s friends, since Walter refused to reveal his true identity to anyone, aside from a select few. He fought with the Titans and Justice League of America during his time as The Flash, and earned the nickname The Dark Flash.

Sidenote: That costume is fantastic. The crimson balances beautifully against the silver, and I wish we had this costume back in some form in the current comics. Pre-Flashpoint Wally West’s new costume with the Titans uses the same color scheme, but sadly, not in the same ratios.